Many employers generously offer continuation of group coverage to employees during Retirement, Severance periods, Disability or Leave of Absence. Collecting premiums from these participants and reporting eligibility to your carriers can be time consuming and frustrating. The Taben Group Direct Billing Service will manage this process for you so that you can focus on your active employees.

Outline of Services Offered

  • Image all inbound and outbound documents, payments, notes and emails
  • Record all phone calls
  • Web Portal for employers and participants
  • Shred and discard all original documents (except payments) to maintain HIPAA Compliance
  • Receive & document requests from client to mail participant notices
  • Produce and mail notices to participants
  • Monitor and track any time limits for elections
  • Produce and mail enrollment confirmation, payment coupons and  remittance envelopes to participants who enroll
  • Process and mail late notices ½ way through grace period
  • Post and deposit all premium payments.
  • Manage insufficient funds collection process
  • Mail termination notices when coverage ends for any reason
  • Mail HIPAA coverage certificates when coverage if requested
  • Eligibility reporting to health plan claim payers. Reporting may be electronic or hard copy on a weekly or monthly basis
  •  “Instant Updates” to claim payer eligibility system when requested by participant who has paid timely. Updates will be input via direct internet connection or requested by phone, fax or email
  • Maintain toll free customer service number. Field daily phone calls from     participants, health plans, etc. Resolve participant problems and questions timely while avoiding / minimizing  employer involvement
  • Open Enrollment rate reset, processing and mailing as requested by the employer

After month end, all premiums collected will be remitted to the employer along with reports showing exactly who paid what for each carrier / coverage.