Chuck Tantillo
President / Founder / Principal
Phone:  800-675-7341 x105 or 913-378-0578
Email: ctantillo@taben.com
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Mark Williams
Executive Vice President
Phone:  800-675-7341 x101 or 913-378-0588
Email: mwilliams@taben.com
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Jackie Bond
Manager of Flex Services
Phone:  800-675-7341 x102 or 913-378-0583
Email:  jbond@taben.com
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Kendra Prettyman
Manager of COBRA Services
Phone: 800-675-7341 x108 or 913-649-0468 x108
Email:  kprettyman@taben.com
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Jennifer Janssen
Director of Accounting/Human Resources
Phone:  800-675-7341 x110 or 913-378-0508
Email:  jjanssen@taben.com
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